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"Why Are There Black Spots On My Dog’s Tongue?"



If you thought a black spot on a dog’s tongue indicates they are part Chow, you aren’t the only one. Many people think that a dog with these markings are Chow mixes, but that isn’t necessarily true.

Though the Chow Chow’s blue-black tongue is one of their signature characteristics, no one actually knows why they have it! The Chow Chow isn’t the only dog that has a black tongue, Chinese Shar Pei’s have them as well.

In fact, more than 30 purebreds have spotted tongues.

The scientific reason for dog’s having black tongues is deposits of extra pigments – similar to birthmarks or freckles on humans. They also have dark spots under their coat on their skin, too.

Even if a Chow Chow’s tongues has a pink spot on it, it doesn’t mean they aren’t purebred. Chow puppies’ tongues are pink when they are born but become blue-black by the time they are 8-10 weeks old. Not all Chow’s tongues become completely dark during that time, some may still have small patches of pink.

If a dog looks like a Chow Chow but doesn’t have the signature black tongue, they probably aren’t an actual Chow. Chow’s are a member of the Spitz family – a group that includes Samoyed’s, Siberian Husky’s, Akita’s, Pomeranian’s, and Keeshond’s.

The Spitz family shares all the basic characteristics like body structure, triangular ears, a dense coat, and a back tail carriage. A Chow look-a-like with a pink tongue is most likely a mix from other Spitz-type breeds.

Most dogs with spotted tongues are not at risk for any illnesses, but if the spots are raised or look concerning in any way, call your veterinarian to have them checked out.



If you’re pup has black spots on their tongue, it may mean they have some Chow in them but it may not. It could just mean they have some extra pigmentation that makes for an awfully cute tongue!

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