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    Like “I’ll be a really good boy, look at me I’m already sitting, paw? paw? paw? All the tricks” kind of good.

    The Excellent Elite Spanker is made of durable nylon and is a clean-looking tactical collar. It comes in 4 colors: black, beige, gray, and olive green. The combination of velcro and a metal buckle make it one of the more secure collars on the market.

    Also, the long strip of velcro allows you to personalize your dog’s collar with labels or patches (as long as they have velcro backing). The collar adjusts but does not stretch, so pick accordingly. Make sure that you can comfortably fit two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck.


    2. Seresto

    This flea collar is guaranteed to work and must be replaced every 8 months so you can avoid monthly medication applications that other brands require. It is ideal for dogs over 18 pounds. Its sustain release technology provides sufficient coverage over your dog’s coat and skin in small doses over time. One thing that separates this item from the competition is that the medicine kills on contact.


    This elegant and simple dog collar is constructed of high-quality nylon. It secures around the neck of your pup with eco-friendly plastic and includes a metal D-ring that easily connects to any leash. It comes in 22 different colors, so it shouldn’t be hard to find one that matches your pet’s personality and style.


    This Martingale nylon collar is an excellent alternative to a traditional collar that secures with a buckle. Merely adjust the hardware to loosen and tighten the collar when you need to slip it on or off. The construction of the collar is perfect for those that have dogs that pull and tug on their leash during walks.


    In order to learn to behave well since the early days, puppies need to get used to wearing a collar in their first months. The Blueberry Pet makes plenty of collars for small dogs, but we particularly loved this solid-colored nylon collar. Designed specifically for puppies and small dogs, this collar is both effective at ensuring your dog’s safety and easy to match to your taste or your dog’s personality thanks to the impressive variety of 22 color options.


    The Soft Touch Collars Luxury Real Leather Padded Dog Collar made our top pick for its high-quality materials, the beautiful design, and its comfortable fit. The collar comes in sizes from small to extra large to accommodate a wide range of dog breeds and sizes.

    A small ring next to the brass buckle is perfect for attaching your dog’s tags, and the larger brass D-ring lets you attach the leash easily. This brass hardware is lacquered to prevent rusting. The collar is brown and cream with sheepskin leather padding.


    This collar is perfect, focusing on better technology and communication, for obedience training your canine. If your dog is the rambunctious type, then this product is excellent to help you prepare your pup to do simple tasks, such as learning to stay, sit, etc. It features three training modes: beep, vibrates, or shock.


    This collar is made of nylon webbing and is exceptionally comfortable. The reflective 3m material makes this accessory visible during your nighttime walks. Each collar is fully adjustable and comes in 4 different sizes, ranging from size extra small to large (9” – 21”), so you can really get a customizable fit.


    The Perri’s collar is a popular one among our staff. Each collar is 100% handmade in the USA by a small number of Amish leather workers. Every stitch and cut is made with precision.

    The genuine leather is soft and of the finest quality, and gains more style and character over time.  The padded interior lining is made from lambskin and sits comfortably on your canine’s coat. This stylish accessory is guaranteed to turn heads on your afternoon walks.


    The Kruz mesh collar is a wonderful product that comes at a great price point. The mesh material is durable, extremely breathable, and lightweight. The breathability will provide comfort and relief during the hot sunny days, especially if your pup has a thick coat.

    The heavy-duty plastic buckle features the “Kruz” brand name on the front. The tri-glide technology allows the collar to adjust quickly. For leash attachment and/or an ID tag, it comes with a heavy duty D-ring.


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