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Are you one of those people that eyes dog owners walking their precious pooches at the dog park? You know what we're talking about. The one who is casually walking minutely closer to the dog-human pair in hopes you'll be able to get some doggy

Dreams do come true. For one border collie, Bailey, he’s making his dreams happen. Bailey has recently landed his dream job as a “security guard”. He guards against the seagulls who have been making quite a mess outside the National Maritime Museum in Sydney, Australia.

When you take in a pet, they become your responsibility. As a 'pet parent' you make a silent vow to be their guardian and keep them from harm. However, this is not always the case and oftentimes precious pets, like Kiki the bulldog, find themselves

It is a sad time for Rob Lowe. The actor, shared an Instagram post saying goodbye to his four-legged friend and remembering the loyal dog, Buster. His post reads, "Buster was the best #dog a family could ever ask for. An unforgettable spirit of love, loyalty

It isn't the standard doggie paddle that saved this pooch--but rather a boater. Almost a week ago, some passengers aboard a ferry on the Massachusetts' Nantucket Sound spotted a dog. The dog was fatigued and swimming in the ocean. The brown and white dog fell off the