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"7 Helpful Tips To Keep Your Dog Calm During A Storm"



If your dog is like countless others, they’re probably afraid of storms. Fear of thunderstorms are quite common among dogs. Unfortunately, most dogs aren’t able to grow out of it on their own and some will get worse over time if nothing is done. So, we’ve rounded up seven helpful tips to keep your dog calm during a storm.

Be Prepared

As with any natural disaster, the best thing to do is be prepared. According to pethealth.com, thunderstorms tend to happen mainly in the afternoons. Also, having a pet disaster kit is a great way to be prepared. Put all your pup’s medications and medical records in a waterproof container as well as a leash and collar, food, water, and bowls.

Some other items to consider are grooming supplies, pet’s blankets, favorite toys, a manual can opener, cleaners, newspapers, paper towels, and plastic bags.

Be Home

A good way to keep your dog calm during a storm is to be home. If your know is dog is prone to anxiety during a thunderstorm, try and stay home or if you aren’t able to be home, arrange for someone else to be there.

Offer Distractions

Distractions are a great way to help your pup stay calm during a thunderstorm. Offering toys or treats, playing a game of fetch, or cuddling will help.

Reward Calm Behavior

Some owners think consoling a scared dog is helpful, but it actually does more harm than good. In fact, it encourages and reinforces that behavior. Instead, teach your dog to settle down on command and reward them when they exhibit that behavior during a storm.

Create a Safe Place

Another great way to calm a dog during a thunderstorm is by creating a safe, sound-proof place. It can be a room or the basement, an open crate, or even the bathroom. Some dogs will naturally gravitate towards a safe place during a storm, so use that to your advantage.

Try Snug-Fitting Clothing

There are certain items made for dogs that are afraid of thunderstorms. A product like the Thundershirt can help anxious dogs by applying constant, gentle pressure to their torso – keeping them calm.

Consider Medications

Some dogs with serious storm anxiety may need medications. Talk with your veterinarian if you think this is the best option for your pup.



No one likes a big storm, but if your pup is especially fearful or anxious, use these seven tips to help keep your dog calm, cool, and collected.

And if your pup is prone to hiding or running away during a storm, make sure they stay safe with a Nuzzle collar. With GPS technology, you’ll always know where your pup is. Learn more about Nuzzle here.


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