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"6 Reasons Your Dog Might Have A Dry Nose"



If you’ve ever suffered from a dry nose, you know how irritating they can be. Well, dogs can suffer from them too! And it’s not just during the colder months when everything is dry, there are plenty of other factors that contribute to a dry nose. Read on for 6 reasons!


Like humans, dogs suffering from allergies will have dry noses. Some prescriptions can help relieve dryness as well as a small amount of petroleum jelly applied to the nose. Furthermore, applying coconut oil or shea butter can also help.

The Heater

In colder months, dogs like to spend their afternoons close to the heater – they like the warm air blowing on their face. But, this heat can cause your pup’s nose to dry out and even a cracked nose. If it doesn’t go back to a moist state, apply some petroleum jelly to it.

The Nose Gets Dry During Sleep

During sleep, dogs stop licking their nose, stopping the moisture flow. Normally the nose will return back to its normal state within 10 minutes after they wake up.



It’s Irritated

Some dogs noses get irritated from plastic food and water bowls. If you suspect your dogs nose is irritated from a plastic bowl, consider switching to ceramic or stainless steel bowls. Also, get rid of all plastic toys and replace them with hard rubber toys like Kong toys.


Although relatively unknown, dogs can get a sunburn on their nose. Just like humans, dogs who spend a lot of time in the sun are bound to get a sunburn. To prevent against sunburn, give your dog some sunblock! Using nontoxic sunblock designed for human infants will do the trick.

They’re Dehydrated

Dehydrated dogs don’t get enough fluid and can cause their nose to crack. Not only can dehydration affect their nose, their kidneys can be comprised as well as other body parts and cause your furry friend to go into shock! Make sure they have plenty of fresh water available.

If your dog has a chronically dry nose, you should contact your vet.



Although dry noses are irritating, they are often easily treatable. If you suspect your dog is suffering from one, talk to your veterinarian to come up with some solutions.

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