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"5 Warning Signs Of Depression In Dogs"



We’re used to seeing our dogs happy, energetic, and playful. So when we notice our furry friend isn’t acting that way – we know something must be up. If you thought dogs never suffered from depression, though, you thought wrong – they absolutely can. And here are five warning signs.

Sleeping More

It’s no secret dogs sleep – a lot. But, they mostly sleep during the day while you’re at work. If they continue to sleep well after you get home, though, something may be wrong. Check for physical problems first and if nothing is wrong physically, it could be depression.

And it’s not just sleeping more that can be a sign your pup is depressed, the opposite is true as well. Dogs who have trouble sleeping and are restless can also be depressed.

Change in Appetite

Like humans, dogs can lose their appetite when they are sad or depressed. They tend to lose interest in their food and end up losing weight. Conversely, some dogs find comfort in food and will eat more if they are depressed – causing weight gain.

Licking their Paws

Dogs who consistently lick or chew their paws could have psychological or physiological issues. A depressed dog uses licking or chewing their paws as a way to soothe themselves.

Loss of Interest

Dogs love to play and go for walks, so when they lose interest in these activities it can cause panic. A dog suffering from depression will slow down, become less active and generally have a loss of purpose.

Hiding and Avoidance

Though hiding and avoidance can be a sign of a physical injury or illness, it could also mean a dog is depressed. If you notice your dog is hiding more than usual lately and you’ve ruled out any physical issues, they could be suffering from depression.

The best way to know if your dog is depressed is to talk to your veterinarian. Take note of their symptoms and explain to them the vet.



So next time you notice your dog is acting strange and not like themselves, don’t rule out depression!

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