July 2016 - Nuzzle - Your GPS Pet Tracker

July 2016

We here at Nuzzle want to send a massive congratulations out to a fantastic rescue organization. Mobile Mutts, a pet transportation group and a hero to dogs everywhere, have an operation that spans across 7 states. They are active in Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Our most recent hero comes with four paws. A Doberman saved his eight-member family when four mountain cobras tried to slither into their village (reports the Deccan Chronicle). Cobras venom is the strongest their is - a single bite

Country songs often focus on love, life experiences, and of course, heartbreak. For country artist Dierks Bentley, this claim of country songs and heartbreak hit a little too close to home. Dierks felt heartbreak at the loss of a loyal friend. This past week, he said