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"17-Year-Old Dog Carried To Safety After Spending Days Lost In The Woods"



There are a number of reasons dogs run away. Perhaps they are scared of thunderstorms or saw a squirrel across the street they just had to chase. For one senior pup, his fear of fireworks left him lost in the woods for several days.

Rocky is a 17-year-old dog from New Hampshire. During Fourth of July festivities, he got spooked and took off into the woods. He was nowhere to be found and his dad was worried. Not only is Rocky nearly two decades old, he is also battling cancer.

A few days later, the Conway Area Humane Society (CAHS) received a call about a disoriented and possibly injured pup. The dog had been spotted around a logging site that can only be reached by traveling deep into the forest on a logging road by an ATV.

No one knew how he got there.

Rescuers from the CAHS found the pup’s last location and immediately spotted him trekking through the woods. They were able to catch up with him and leash him. The rescuers said he was a gentle pup but he was extremely exhausted and confused.



He could barely walk and just wanted to lay down.

A CAHS volunteer named Jake picked up the dog and slung him over his shoulder and carried him to safety. At the time, no one knew who the pup belonged to. But miraculously, a friend of the dog’s owner recognized Rocky! He was brought home and reunited with his very worried owner.

Thanks to a team of rescuers, Rocky is safe and sound where he belongs – at home.

Watch Rocky’s rescue here:

UPDATE!Thanks to all of your shares, the owner has been located! They have been searching for 4 days for Rocky. He dissappeared after being spooked by fireworks. Rocky is 17 years old and has cancer, he is loved and very missed. We are SO relieved this story has a happy ending.———————–Please share, and if you recognize this dog, please contact the shelter.Thank you Kevin Ahearn for carrying this sweet boy out of the woods!

Posted by Conway Area Humane Society on Friday, July 8, 2016

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