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"15 Things You Should Do With Your Dog This Summer"



It’s almost summer and to say we’re excited is an understatement. We’re looking forward to everything the season has to offer – like beach trips and barbecues. And why not let your pup join in on the fun? Here are 15 things you can do with your pup this summer.

Go on a road trip

What better to celebrate the summer months than by going on a road trip? If your pup is a fan of car rides, hit the road for a little trip. Do some research and find some dog-friendly hotels or bed and breakfasts along the way.

Have a backyard BBQ party

Nothing says summer like a backyard BBQ. Let your dog join in on the fun by getting them their very own plate of barbecue – like some from Happy Howie’s Burgers and Hot Dogs.

Go to the beach

Who doesn’t love a good beach trip? If your pup is a fan of the water, find a dog-friendly beach and park yourself in the sand. If your pup insists on exploring, bring a long leash so they can still play and have their freedom.

Teach them a new trick

Summer is a perfect time to new things – like a new trick! You can even try taking them to an agility course or enrolling them in search and rescue training.

Do a photo shoot

Hot summer days are the perfect time to snap some pics of your furry friend. A dogs energy is lower in the heat, so they’ll be more inclined to lay down or sit still. Pro photography tip: the shade has better lighting than sunlight!

Go on a wine tour

Let your pup join in on the wine-tasting festivities at a dog-friendly winery. Just be careful as both grapes and alcohol are poisonous to pups – keep the wine tasting to yourself!

Stay in a dog-friendly hotel

Planning a family summer vacation? Take your pup along with you! There are tons of dog-friendly hotels and bread and breakfasts, or some Airbnb’s allow dogs as well.

Go to the dog park

There’s nothing like a trip to the dog park. Let your pup mingle with other canine friends while releasing some pent up energy.



Set up a kiddie pool

Whether you have a small of large backyard, pick up a small kiddie pool to help your dog cool off in the heat.

Take a hike

Hiking is a great summer activity. A dog’s body is made to climb rocky terrain, so don’t worry about your pup getting tired before you do – just be sure you have plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Make them Instagram famous

Put that photo shoot to good use and start an Instagram for your pup. Who knows, you may even end up finding new four-legged (and two-legged) friends in your area!

Play fetch

If there’s one game dogs love, it’s fetch. Indulge your pup and play fetch until he’s tired – not until you’re bored! They’ll be eternally grateful, and tired.

Take them out to eat

Next time you go out for happy hour or a bite to eat, take your pup with you! Find a dog-friendly restaurant in your area and let them join in the festivities. Some restaurants even have special treats for dogs.

Consider making them a therapy dog

If your pup is exceptionally friendly and calm, consider making them into a therapy dog. This will give your dog the chance to go to hospitals or nursing homes and cheer up those who need it the most.

Start a dog walking group

Are there other dog-lovers in your area? Consider creating a dog-walking group. Have each dog meet each other first, then plan a route and end the walk at a dog park so they could all play with each other. Not only will your pup make new friends, but so could you!



Summer is almost here and with these tips, you and your furry companion are bound to have the best summer ever!

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