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"11 Spring Cleaning Tips For Dog Owners"



Spring is officially here and you know that what that means – spring cleaning. And while a freshly cleaned house makes you happy and keeps you healthy, it makes your pup happy and keeps them healthy! Here are 11 spring cleaning tips for dog owners.

Wash Beds and Bedding

While you’re cleaning your own bedding, don’t forget to pop your dog’s bedding in the wash as well. Their beds tend to accumulate dirt and grime so keeping it clean will reduce the risk of them getting sick.

To ensure a comfortable, clean sleep for your pup first choose a dog bed with a removable fabric cover, the vacuum the bed regularly to clean up any dirt or hair. Next, wash the cover and bed base (if you can) in cold water with a mild laundry detergent. Adding a cup of baking soda will help neutralize odor. Follow by drying in the dryer for around 20 minutes then finish with air drying to avoid shrinkage.

Get an Air Filter

To help trap dust and dander in the air, add an air filter to your household. Look for ones made for pet owners as they come with built-in ionizers that help reduce allergens.

Clean up Dog Hair

Use rubber gloves to help remove pet hair from any furniture, curtains, or any other fabric-covered item. Slightly dampening the glove will help you sweep up as much fur as possible!

Clean their Collar

Your pup’s collar may be the last thing on your mind to wash, but don’t overlook it! To clean a collar (if it’s not machine washable), pump a couple squirts of dog shampoo in a bowl and fill with hot water. Let the collar soak for around 15 minutes. Rubbing the collar against itself with help remove any ground-in dirt. Rinse the collar under running water and air dry.

Avoid Muddy Paws

With spring comes extra rain. Prevent mud tracking with a couple tricks. Trim the fur around your dog’s paws regularly to ensure no mud gets clumped to their feet. If you absolutely can’t avoid mud, keep a small bucket of warm water and towel handy. Before entering the house, remove the dirt by dipping your dog’s paw in the water and gently wiping it off with a towel.

Use Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is great for both soothing a dog’s central nervous system and preventing fleas and ticks from making your pup their home when applied regularly to the spot between their shoulder blades. Also, keeping a lavender room mist can help keep dogs calm in the car.



Speedy Bath

If you bathe your dog too much, they can get itchy and flaky skin. To avoid this, give them quick, dry baths. First, brush out their coat then wipe them down with a towel spritzed with a mixture of half apple cider vinegar and half water.

Finish with a sprinkle of baking soda and rub it in (this will help neutralize the vinegar smell). Let the baking soda sit for a couple minutes then brush off.

Wash their Toys

Another overlooked item that should be washed is your pup’s toys. Keeping the washed will help them stay in good shape and germ-free. Pop them in the washing machine in a garment bag then air dry or dry them in a pillowcase. Hard toys (like Kong balls) can be cleaned by washing them in the sink with a 50% water/50% vinegar solution. Or, pop them in the dishwater!

Clean up Urine

If your dog had a few accidents in the house over the past few months and you thought you cleaned them up completely, your pup can probably still smell it. The key is to neutralize the odors. For fresh stains, soak up as much urine as you can by layering newspaper on top of some paper towels and standing on it. Repeat until the area is not damp then follow-up by rinsing the area with water.

When the area is clean, use a pet odor neutralizer to completely get rid of the odor.

Choose the Right Vacuum

If you’re planning on purchasing a new vacuum this season, focus on the suction. Don’t focus on the horsepower, watts, or amps. Vacuums that have upright canisters are the best for carpets.


Keeping your yard clean can help reduce indoor messes. If your yard doesn’t have a lot of grass and is mostly dirt, consider laying down some sod to provide a grassy area for your pup to play in. Also, keep some toys outside as their “outdoor toys” so they’ll have something to play with in the yard. Furthermore, if you don’t want your pup to dig in certain places, scatter some orange peels in those areas – some dogs are sensitive to citrus smells.



Spending a little extra time cleaning this spring will ensure your pup stays happy and healthy all throughout the year! Add these tips to your spring cleaning list and watch your house (and dog) sparkle.

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