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10 Million Lost Dogs Per Year

Most of us have lost a pet. You feel that drop in the pit of your stomach. You begin circling the neighborhood hoping, praying that your pet will come to your call. It’s hell and we’ve been there.

We created Nuzzle because no one should have to endure that, yet it happens every day. In the modern age of the internet-of-things, a GPS collar is a must have for pet owners and is the only way to stop the cycle of lost dogs in America.

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80 Million Lost Dogs

There are an estimated 80 million dogs in the US and 4 million are lost each year. Official statistics say that every year more than 8 million pets end up in shelters across the country. Tragically the true number of lost pets is even higher than that. The statistics are both alarming and depressing.

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Let’s use the lost dog statistics that we know to explain the entire ecosystem of the lost pet. Firstly, there are dogs that are lost and subsequently found. These instances are usually left out of the official statistics. People very rarely report when their dog goes missing and are subsequently found by themselves or neighbors.  One in three dog owners, say that at one point in time they have lost their dog. On an annual basis that is about 4 million dogs.

Lost Dogs in Shelters

Secondly, we need to consider the pets that end up in shelters. According to the official data, 4 million dogs are not found by their owners and end up in a shelter, hoping their family finds them. This takes our total to 8 Million lost dogs per year.

No More Lost Dogs

The final category is the saddest. These are the dogs that are lost or never found. They don’t show up on any database and never find a new family. This number is frighteningly high and it is estimated 2 million dogs are lost each year and either pass away or go unregistered. This takes our total to 10 million lost dogs per year, or 1/8th of the total population of dogs. This is why we built Nuzzle.


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